K-Store WMS software video

We have put live a K-Store WMS video for a company that builds warehouse software systems. The video features a technique known as kinetic typography. This has helped make a video that has information to say, say it in an easy to understand and friendly way but keeping it professional in it’s approach. The video has had a lot of views and reached over 6000 in a few weeks, which in the industry is impressive. The feedback from the video has proved really good and has lead to enquiries for the system and gained interest for the company.

Our animation and video service is now growing as the internet now can bring more dynamic experiences and we work work with clients to bring video showcases for them to gain new customers.

The video is below.

The music in the video helped to give an impression of professionalism and also simplicity. We picked it out to show off the simple but competent approach that the software company takes with their products.  Also we spent time working with the company on the style and content of the video before we went into production of the video so that it had the message that K-Store wanted to put out to potential customers.

Kinetic typography is an approach that allows words to be shown in a more exciting way than just bringing up the actual text. The animation helps the viewer of the video to be able to watch and read the text that is shown in a vibrant and interesting way. We also used some info graphics to show that the K-Store WMS has the analytical edge to give the required reporting.

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  1. Chris

    The video looks great. We are really pleased with the results.

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