Web Marketing

Emarketing Adwords

A person wants to find out about companies in their local area who
supply any service, so where do they look? The first place to look for
90% of people is to get on the computer, load up Google, Yahoo, Bing and
type in their search phrase.

web marketingcjb – i help clients get good search engine ranking positions for their chosen keywords.

After a client sees the potential in search engine promotion they
never go back. We have seen many businesses start out from zero and then
watch enquiries go through the roof within short time spans by working
with us to get their websites ranked high.

  • Your website on the front of google
  • Beat millions of your competitors
  • Be there when your customer searches for
    your product
  • Experience the power of e-marketing

Our ‘top of google’ package allows you to experience what it is like to be on the first page of
the biggest search engine in the world.

When people search, they buy!!

As your customers search google they are looking to buy your products or services. If they cannot find you, you are presenting your competitors with a sale or enquiry.

Reach the top

Using google adwords we place you on the front page of google for your selected search terms. Anyone searching for your product/service using your selected key words will find you at the top of google, they
will click through to your site increasing the number of interested users on your site.

Valuable visitors

The great thing about reaching the top of google is you are guaranteed interested users. Anyone visiting your website through this package will have searched with one of your selected search terms. This
means they are interested in your products and services and not just a random user.

The way forward

Following your top of Google campaign we work with you to decide the best online strategy for you. You can carry on with the current package, or change to better suit your business. We work directly with you based upon the results of the last campaign.

Case Studies

Working with DK Fulfilment CJB Interactive have worked on SEO, Pay-Per-Click and social media to increase the enquiries that the website produces.