A brand new responsive website for Global Freestyle

Global FreestyleThe web design team here at CJB Interactive are pleased to announce the launch of Global Freestyle’s brand new website. The website was built using responsive web design and makes use of the content management system WordPress.

About Global Freestyle

Global Freestyle is a Football Freestyle Agency that provides elite entertainment all over Europe. You may have seen some of their talented stars in TV commercials, at half time shows and promotional events. The agency aims to bring football freestylers together as a community and make it easier for others to hire them for their projects and events.


The Global Freestyle website was built using WordPress. This content management system was purposely chosen as its user-friendly qualities mean that the team at Global Freestyle will be able to regularly update their website content with ease. The great thing about WordPress is that it has a simple dashboard which is the hub for all of the content management tools you could possibly need. With just a few clicks you can add new website content including blog posts, images and even promotional videos. Not only is WordPress straight forward and easy to use, but it also provides fantastic SEO benefits.

Responsive web design

If you have tried viewing the Global Freestyle website from your mobile phone, then you may have noticed that it has been optimised for viewing. Yes, the Global Freestyle website was built using responsive web design, which is currently very popular with website owners. Responsive web design involves creating a series of CSS queries that enable the website to identify the type of device it is being viewed on. It can then adjust itself accordingly, ensuring that its features are compatible with that particular device. Using responsive web design has allowed us to create a website that offers users a fantastic viewing experience, no matter what device they use.

Ecommerce store

If that wasn’t enough, we also created an ecommerce store for the Global Freestyle website! This will be regularly updated with fantastic products that have been designed by the team. Customers can simply click on the ‘add to cart’ button under each product and follow the quick and easy checkout process to buy their chosen items.


A new Magento ecommerce website for Packaging 365

packaging365Recently the web design team at CJB Interactive have been working on a number of projects including a brand new ecommerce website for Packaging 365. The website was built using the industry leading ecommerce platform Magento.

About Packaging 365

Packaging 365 are part of DK Group Packaging. They design, manufacture and supply packaging both locally and nationally for businesses across all industries. Can’t find the packaging you’re looking for? Simply use their fantastic ‘build your own box’ tool (built by us) to create your own bespoke packaging solution.


When it came to deciding on the perfect ecommerce platform for Packaging 365, the decision was easy. Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms in the world after all! The open source platform provides users with an efficient admin panel, making it easy for them to manage their orders and keep on top of things like invoicing and billing. The fact that it is open source is also beneficial as it means it is constantly being updated and improved by the Magento Developer community. As well as being highly functional, Magento is also extremely customisable and compatible with a wide range of extensions, known as modules. Using Magento we were able to create an easy and efficient checkout process for Packaging 365’s customers to use.

Build your own box

If we had to pick our favourite part of the Packaging 365 website, it would have to be the ‘Build your own box’ tool which we briefly touched on earlier. This tool enables customers to select different styles of packaging, along with joint types, materials and sizes. Basically they can create their perfect packaging solution with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Once they have finished selecting their requirements, the form will calculate the total cost before allowing them to send in their request. This on-site step-by-step tool is much more efficient and time-saving for customers to use and saves them from having to email or phone the company directly.

View the website here.

Signature Sean Horler

The launch of Signature Sean Horler’s brand new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of Signature Sean Horler’s brand new website which was designed and developed by our talented team here at CJB Interactive. The stylish and highly functional website was built using the content management system WordPress.

Signature Sean Horler

Signature Sean Horler is a home improvement company that sets out to turn your living space into your dream home. The highly qualified team use only the finest resources to transform your home’s dull and awkward spaces into practical and aesthetically pleasing rooms.

The web design team here at CJB Interactive gave the website a fresh new look that reflects the quality products and services offered by Signature Sean Horler in its design. We think it is important that websites not only help to create sales and interest, but also represent the values that a company stands for. Not only does the website look fantastic, but it is also packed with brand new features including share buttons. These are located at the bottom of each page and are there to encourage users to share the website on their social media pages and via email.

We know just how important the navigational elements of a website are in its overall success, which is why we spent time creating a simple, user-friendly navigational bar. This is located on the left hand side of the website and allows users to access the information they need in as little time as possible.

Signature Sean Horler’s website was built using the content management system WordPress. We chose this content management system as it is extremely user-friendly, meaning that the team at Signature Sean Horler will be able to update their content, without needing expert help. WordPress allows users to easily update their content using its straight forward dashboard. It is the perfect content management system as it is not only user-friendly, but is highly functional with great SEO benefits.

We are not the only ones pleased with the finished product, the team at Signature Sean Horler are also extremely happy, emailing us to say ‘Thanks again for your work on our website – we love it!’ Their website launch party was held last week and was deemed a great success with the team and their customers raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Starting online marketing with DKP

We have started online marketing for DKP. DKP contract packing is part of the DK Group has an excellent reputation built up over more than 40 years as a specialist in contract packing and inventory management for a range of industries.

The online marketing will include both SEO on social marketing to grow the enquiries that the company will get. We are looking forward to working with DKP and using the web’s potential to grow enquiries and sales.

Update of our website

We have updated our website, changed the front for a JQuery and CSS animation and done some work on the pages. Hope you all like it.