Looking for video production for the web?

web video production

Video has a wide reach and now with online video becoming the norm for marketing your product or business then getting a creative, production quality video on the web is now an important part of your online marketing plan

We offer a full planning – to video shoot – to editing and uploading video service to your website.

Types of video that can work well for your communications:

  • Introductory Clip – The video Intro to the Business is a brief, 5 minute or less (2-3 works well) homepage introduction that tells who you are, what you do and why customers should care.
  • Product Demonstration – Short product demonstation to show to your potential customers how your products work.
  • Professional Abilities – Showcase what makes your company or your unique and the choice for your customers.
  • Company Headlines – Overview of the key headlines in your company or organisation.
  • Video Landing Page Combination – Placing a good video on a landing page can make a difference when it comes to optins.
  • Vlog Posts – Series of short clips that show a progression of something within your company. For example they maybe a series of tutorials.
  • Testimonials and Case Studies – Third party case studies or testimonials can add credibility to your company, video is a great way to show this.
  • Video Interview – The video interview can position you and your company as experts in a field and build credibility.

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