DK Fulfilment Online Marketing

DK Fulfilment are a company that aim to offer a premium fulfilment service to companies looking to have their pick, pack and despatch run by one company. The fulfilment of the orders are done by DK Fulfilment’s logistics operations.

CJB Interactive are working with DK Fulfilment to promote the company and building an online social and SEO strategy to increase the companies enquiries from online sources and increase sales of the services that the business offers.

View the DK Fulfilment website here to see what the company does and more information about the company.

Working with the team at DK Fulfilment a plan was produced to work on both a social content strategy and online promotion strategy to build up both the exposure and also the interest in what the company has to offer. The plan focus’s on the different aspects of the business both UK and European distribution services that are offered to customers.

Focusing on SEO with Google rankings being a primary focus. Keywords were identified and tested out with the best search phrases being implemented into the plan. This means that only keywords that are valuable to the business are included in the long term SEO work.

Use of blogging and Twitter to gain more exposure to potential customers searching for content relevant to ways to improve their business. By writing relevant content and publicising it on social media, the company is positioning itself as a thought leader, gaining in reputation and ways to offer value to potential customers. This increases interaction and leads to building a relationship with the audience ready to move to the next stage of the sales process.

Other services that were used are website design and development, mini website projects and graphic design. For more information about CJB Interactive’s services and ways that we can help your business grow it’s sales from online sources, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.