Create and buy your own box online shop

We have worked with to create the “custom cardboard box” maker, that allows customers to create their own box and order online.

The online box creator can be seen here. The costings are all worked out depending on which box type, custom size, board type and more options and then the customer can order them online with free UK delivery.

This is another successful ecommerce project by CJB Interactive and we are proud of the result and how already many people have made and purchased their own custom boxes.

Update of stock control website

We have updated the stock control system of K-Store. On the stock control system page we updated the software to allow full stock control in the WMS solution. This allows the stock in a warehouse to be managed and information be able to be got to put together powerful anayltics about the stock movement and levels in a warehouse.

The development was worked between CJB Interactive and Keymas as a partnership on the new module software.