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A person wants to find out about companies in their local area who supply house cleaning services, so where do they look. The first place to look for most people is to get on the computer and load up google, yahoo, MSN and type in their search phrase.

Internet search has grown exponentially in the last few years and now most people use this as their first point of call when looking for services, advise or locations. cjb – i help clients get good search engine ranking positions for their chosen keywords.

After a client sees the potential in search engine promotion they never go back. We have seen many businesses start out from zero and then watch enquiries go through the roof within short time spans by working with us to get their websites ranked high.

Here is a case study on one company that cjb – i have increased visits and sales by using seo.

If you would like to dramatically improve the numbers of people viewing, and enquiring on your website contact us now to get started.



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