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Grow your website email list

Steps to grow your email list for your website or business can help you reach huge returns in your sales. Step 1. Set goals, either for yourself or your employees on how many emails you want to collect a week. Step 2. Give incentives to your customers to join your list. Step 3. Simplify the […]

Our feb web design newsletter

We have released our February cjb-i newsletter, have a read by clicking the link below: http://www.cjb-i.co.uk/newsletter/web-design-marketing-newsletter-feb07.htm Topics include: Is your website breaking the law? A bit of spice in web design. Top of google for just £99?

Technorati – Get your blog heard

If you have a blog for your website and want to get more traffic, then one of the ways is to use Technorati. Technorati is one of the most well known blog searches out¬†there. Getting a good listing here will ensure that your blog is found by lots of other bloggers and people searching for […]