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Archive for January, 2007

How bad is duplicate content for your website?

Duplicate¬†content is content that is used on more than one webpage, or website. Why is this a bad idea? Well one of the main reasons is search engines do not want to index the same content that is already held somewhere else. If a search engine comes across content that it already has then it […]

Our new small business websites offer

In our ongoing quest to help small businesses everywhere to get the most out of the web, we have launched our latest special offer. Get free business cards with your order for a small business website! We are offering our design services for FREE and will cover the print cost for 100 business cards for […]

Got an RSS feed yet? Its now an important marketing tool

The days of websites being updated once in a while and displaying news every once in a while are over. Users are demanding more updated experiences with the websites that they interact with.¬† In 2005 statistics showed that only 9% of internet users new what RSS meant. This has changed now with reported figures of […]

New website launch today

Today we launched spicebarrel.co.uk, a website for a restaurant in Tipton, West Midlands that does fusion cuisine. This was another launch from our small business web design package. Contact us if you are looking to have a website built and are a small business.

Web Design for the eye

A good article about how planning a website for the human eye, apparently we view website in an F-shape, read the article for more on web design layout for the eye. http://www.eightysevenfour.com/2006/12/web-design-for-the-human-eye/