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Archive for November, 2006

We have just launched the website for Bromley Pensnett School

Bromley Pensnett asked cjb interactive to look at a new web design for the school. We decided it would be a great idea to get the pupils and people connected with the school to have a say in their schools website. So at cjb-i we developed an online survey which will catch the results and give an […]

Tell ‘Your Story’ to everyone

At cjb interactive we are always excited about new web business ideas. We have just launched our new your story website that will allow you to tell everyone about the success of your web business. Here is the link: Your Story, please post your online web business success and share it with the world.

What you need to get your small business online, a really simple guide! part 1

Our article on the ‘first steps to getting a small business website easy’ is now up at: http://www.cjb-i.co.uk/articles/get-you-business-online.htm Hope it is useful.

Website design directory links

If you have a website about web design, web marketing or online services a directory that you might want to get links from is web-design-directory-uk the link is below: http://www.web-design-directory-uk.co.uk

Our new web design and complete business package

Get your company online and start making use of the benefits of the web with our new complete small business web package. If you are starting a small business in the west midlands call us on 01384 270477 or visit  www.3stepwebsites.co.uk to get a custom website, email setup and domain name setup all you need to start […]

Tips on how to exercise while sitting at your computer

Working long and hard designing websites all day at cjb-i can mean sitting at a computer for long amounts of time. If you are like us and work on a computer for long periods here are some tips to prevent the aches and strains. http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/devlin/5383

Our web marketing glossary

If you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed with buzz words and industry terms when looking into web marketing your company then this glossary is for you. Try it out and let us know of any suggestions that you have for terms that should be included in our glossary. http://www.cjb-i.co.uk/resources/webglossary.htm